Sister Pulcheria and Father Ramón Aleazar

It is reported that Sister Pulcheria, in an attempt to integrate her spiritual and political desires, sought counsel with Father Ramón Aleazar, iconic mystic of the Western Watersheds. Sister Pulcheria, in her unbound collection of biographical writings, Living the Water Underground, expressed her interest in axial-spinning, a radical mystical tradition possibly dating to the mid-sixteenth century, allegedly aligning ground to sky through the central axis of the human body. The following is transcribed from her notes:

Discussions with the Father of Water: Ramón Aleazar

"I am of the wilderness and wander in the wilderness. I listen to water and bend to its singing. Starving I no longer hunt hunger. Sweet chimes awake me from my rest. When I was young, I had many experiences, painful experiences. I left the great City on the Plains and walked to water. Climbing ever upwards, gazing into pasts, tortured, maimed and blinded I wandered the fields. Bone marrow and leaves sustained my body, fat from animals of the road, balm to my body's wounds. I plodded on, ever upwards, driven by compulsion, moving towards birdsong, following shadows of clouds over sun, ever upwards. I lived in the dark cave, companion of hunger and cold, hunger and learning. Where there is learning, there is always hunger and there is water. By the placid waters of the lake I rested, drinking of the clean sweet waters. I was frightened and knew neither of plants nor the universe. I was not a gardener but planted gardens of gathered seeds and fish.

The stone that trips, the closed door, other galaxies, giants, western traders of egg and grain were my companions: food, urgent food, was my constant desire. Ground barley mixed with stiff paste of the wind, no butter but the wind, no tea but from grasses of the high plains. I forgot my fear and I could see red, and I saw green, and all other colors. I then yelled with astonishment. I could see a strange world, new galaxies, sand on sand, water flowing to water, stone aligned with star, grass and roots of grass. I spun from sun to sun. Equinox to solstice, I moved to remain still. How do I describe this life found beyond words? I can only say what I saw. I saw myself seeing, not from the location of my spinning, but with the sight of seeing myself. My robe was my only garment, colored beyond my ability to see, color in mind only, bright chroma of water and berry, river stone and night sky. I am chosen for a special task: the chilling of the air, the casting of sand upon sand, osteomancy, hydromancy, the spinning of what you seek.

You alarm an old man with your smell and vehemence. Leave me now unrestful spirit, I chant the Guardian Way. Leave me in peace, powerlender, borrower of trouble and pain. Take tea of this wind and grass and leave, devil! Take firelight in little packages, fat of sheep for butter, tents of the transient word. I am forbidden to leave my body until I finish my dinner-water. I remain here within, to spin. Can you imagine my feelings? How can you imagine? Take your tea, and go to wind!"

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