A Young Lady's Own Book

From Re-orient A’mens

—1939. Lucy Wrathrock. (staple bound). American West Publishing Co., Palo Alto, California.

Re-orient A’mens

Just the subject I know best
The orient, my friends
Re-orient a’mens

Cicero himself—
We have treated as best
We could, my friends
Re-orient a’mens

What else am I talking about?
This vast subject; this idiot
Bell; not Istanbul or Pierrie Loti.
A woman.

How should she compare
herselves—to a movie
or a phonograph? No!
Intelligent and discriminating, perhaps
Even sweet-tempered & timid
No! A woman.

A woman. Fearsome misbehavior.
A torrential incoherent Flow.

(see A Young Lady's Own Book)

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