Dates and Events

The following dates are gleaned from the Chronologies, and are related to watershed events in the Water Wars. Please be aware of these dates and work within this temporal framework (i.e. characters cannot be aware of events that have not yet happened)

  • 1939 - Powers of Water Act (PWA) passed
  • 1940 - Sister Pulcheria colors the water
  • 1940 - Forbidden Palette Act (FPA) passed
  • 1941 - First lexical resistance groups form; minor skirmishes occur
  • 1942 - Flowage rebellion in full swing; splinter groups abound; large-scale demonstrations
  • 1942 - Taylor Falls spillway attack; beginning of Water Wars proper
  • 1942 - First confirmed bolus-cache discovered; poet James Carrick tried and sent to Kilbeggon Island
  • 1943 - Pigment Prohibition Laws (PPL)

The dates and events are meant to be somewhat fluid but the basic chronology is meant to keep a logical structure to forthcoming additions to the project; i.e. book review written in 1940 shouldn't mention the PPL, which wouldn't happen for another three years.

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