Muratorian Fragments

The Muratorian Fragments include various apocrypha attributed to guerilla cells of the Covert Lexical Movement. Chroma Proclamation was practiced among the rank and file, though was by necessity secretive as all Color Enunciations were deemed seditious and punishable by incarceration, fine or death. Chroma Proclamation is defined, in the Chronologies, as:

1. Complete color-dousing.
2. A testimony of one’s commitment to the full visible spectrum.
3. A symbolic equipoise of shadow and light.

According to the Chronologies, rainbows assumed talismanic effect frequently inducing ecstatic display over sustained periods of time. The following devotion was found in a bolus-cache near the Low Head Plants of Hauserlake Dam:

From the Chronologies 6:4

"For I have placed my chroma in the clouds. When I send clouds over the earth, my chroma shall be visible. Color by Water is my covenant with you and with everything that lives. Never again will flood destroy all life. As water flows from rock, so you are free to wander among nations."

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