MacMannus Encyclopaedia of Human Knowledge

Citations and Queries of Art and Science, as well as Places of Import are listed here alphabetically.

Annals of Fernleigh's Grange - Fernleigh’s exhaustive chronicles were discovered under floorboards at the country estate. They include detailed notations of remembered winds, ephemerides and color scores from Vivid Unionist meetings.

Bolus-caches - encoded information from the Covert Lexical Movement, sequestered in animal skins or neoprene bladders, generally found near strategic spillways, damns and hydro-electrical stations.

Central Federation of Vivid Unions - the amalgamated federation of transgressive colorist, including lexical and syntactical splinter groups.

Central National Franchise of the Covert Lexical Movement - umbrella organization of the Vivd Suffragette Union’s rhizomatic cells, centered in The Great Lakes Watershed.

Chroma Proclamation - apocryphal statements attributed to guerilla cells of the Covert Lexical Movements defined in the Chronologies as: 1. Complete color-dousing; 2. A testimony of one’s commitment to the full visible spectrum; 3. A symbolic equipoise of shadow and light. Proclamations are collected in the Muratorian Fragments.

Chronologies of the Water Wars - Historical accounts of the wars, including apocrypha found in bolus-caches, as well as the chronicles of the Fernleigh Grange.

Covert Lexical Movement - the rebellion’s key organization, created in tactical response to the Forbidden Palette Act’s sweeping denials of franchise (1939).

Dingman's Pond - The geographical body of water more properly known as »Wild Acres Lake« located in Dingman's Ferry, PA.; the local name has supplanted the official appellation due in large part to the cult status of the poem "On Dingman's Pond" by the late James Carrick.

Flowage Rebellion - general and vernacular appellation for the difficult histories herein accounted.

Forbidden Palette Act - a catalog of colors deemed to be insurrectionist, rebellious, or otherwise scandalous; individuals caught using banned colors were levied with enormous fines and incarceration of up to 30 days.

Hales Domes - the physical archive for the MacMannus Encyclopaedia, often referred to as "H-town" due to its immense size and confusing network of neighborhoods.

Haleys - robust working dogs known for their high degree of intelligence; less commonly, a type of carrier pigeon.

Kilbeggon Island - the region's premier waterblocking facility with a 1200 prisoner capacity; named after Marshall Kilbeggon.

Lexical - one who brings color-to-water; a water-colorer. Used as both rebuke and honorific.

Living the Water Underground - 400 page unbound book attributed to Sr. Isabel Pulcheria.

MacMannus Encyclopaedia of Places and Things - comprehensive compendium of all branches of knowledge about all things for all time.

Midwestern Water Wars - The saga of the struggle, aka "Flowage Rebellion."

Muratorian Fragments - collection of various apocrypha attributed to guerilla cells of the Covert Lexical Movement

Pigment Prohibition Laws - an epic expansion of banned colors covered by the Forbidden Palette Act, and momentous increase in severity of punishment for violators.

Powers of Water Act of 1941 - attempted juridical rebuttal to the Pigment Prohibition Laws and Forbidden Palette Act (1939), ultimately failed due to excessive partisanship and factionalization.

Taylor Falls - site of a 1942 attack resulting in the death of Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation construction supervisor; widely regarded as the flash point historians use as beginning of the Water Wars.

Utterance Army - Oppressive troops of the privileged Water Holders of the Republic, backed by Federal and State militia.

Vivid Suffragette Unions - establishment in nearly every town and village through the Midwestern Watersheds led to the almost total suspension of social functions throughout the region, threatening eventually to paralyze the nation.

Water - a chemical substance essential for all forms of life; can exist in a solid state (ice), liquid state (water proper), or gaseous state (vapor), and rarely exists in more than one state simultaneously. In a state of nature, water is continually moving through cycles of evaporation, transpiration, precipitation, ionization, condensation, deposition, sublimation and runoff.

Waterblocking - the act or process of restricting movement; to stultify.

Watertrapping - to force movement in a specific direction, usually by coercion.

Water Holders of the Republic - (see Utterance Army).

War of the Spillways - conflagration at Hauserlake Falls, usually cited as the first armed and organized rebellion.

Young Lady's Own Books - a series of cheaply produced and widely disseminated chapbooks advocating tactical withholding of intercourse, food, urine as well as the use of radical hydromancy as an early response of the Vivid Suffragette Unions.

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