Overview For Contributors

I think it would help at this point to regroup a little and piece together some kind of chronology of major events, major themes, and major players. Perhaps we could put this idea map on a contributors-only portion of the site so we're all on the same page. You can actually get a good idea by reading through a lot of the entries but I think having a clearer idea from the onset would be helpful for writers wanting to add depth to the world building exercise (we're doing great on breadth!)

For example, it seems like there's already a date discrepancy: the opening "set piece" states that Sister Pulcheria inadvertantly started the Flowage Rebellion (http://waterwars.wikidot.com/start) yet the Chronologies state that by 1937 the rebellion was well under way, and the Powers of Water Act of 1941 preceded the Forbidden Palette Act (http://waterwars.wikidot.com/chronologies01), which was in reaction to Pulcheria's subversive act, no?

Might it not be helpful to flesh out a brief history of the Midwestern Water Wars? Hopefully we can plug in some dates and further descriptions to assist in writing new entries that jive with the larger narrative arc:

Important Dates

  • 1937 - Flowage rebellion in full swing
  • 1941 -Powers of Water Act disenfranchising women of rights (???)
  • 1941(?) - Sister Pulcheria colors the water
  • 1941(?) - Forbidden Palette Act
  • 1942 - Taylor Falls spillway attack; beginning of Water Wars proper
  • 1942 (?) - first confirmed bolus-cache discovered; James Carrick sent to Kilbeggon Island
  • 1943(?) - Pigment Prohibition Laws

Other Burning Questions

  • Can we create a list of some of the major political parties or players, including resistance groups and the radical fringe?
  • Along with this, what's the wider conflict? I noted that bolus-caches are found as far west as the Puget Sound—we're well beyond the Midwest! Who are the actors here? What's the wider political climate?

Finally, maybe we could use these categories for the left-nav bar? These would also help us assign each other areas to fill out, or perhaps writers could request to add in a certain category?

Categories for Contributions and their Attendant Styles

  • Jurisprudence - would include all laws and acts from "official" governmental sources; written in (extreme?) legalese.
  • Muratorian Fragments - political backlash against the ruling class; written in extremely colorful language
  • Chronologies - responsible for cataloging events, major and minor; written in an academic, restrained style
  • MacMannus Encyclopaedia entries - brief attempt to catalog places and things
  • Hales Domes exhibits - detailed explanations of items, especially the pseudoscience behind them. Don't forget, Hales has hundreds of elaborate dioramas depicting the seminal events in the Water Wars!
  • It seems like we could build a fictional library to supplement or replace some of the above.i We've already got at least three or four books and collection even without the jurisprudence!


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