Directory of Notable Personages

Persons of repute and import, including the notorious variety.

Aleazar, Father Ramón - iconic mystic of the Western Watersheds; his most influential hermetical writings are collected in a tome entitled Discussions with the Father of Water.

Carrick, James - minor poet and boat enthusiast, thrust into national prominence with encrypted poetic transmissions over pirate radio. (see "Dingman's Pond.")

Fisch, Stanley - construction supervisor for Stone & Webster Engineering Corporation, killed in a confrontation with Vivid Unionists in the infamous Taylor Falls incident that helped spark the Water Wars.

Hales, Goodman - foremost name in the field of informatics, the interdisciplinary science concerned with the analysis, collection, classification, manipulation, storage, retrieval and dissemination of information. Worked tirelessly towards making his vision of a "métropole de connaissance infinie" (metropolis of boundless knowledge), a central repository for all the world's information; the physical archive of MacMannus Encylopedia, Hales Domes, bears his name though Hales died two years before ground broke on the monumental project.

Kilbeggon, Marshall - legendary admiral for the Midland Empire's naval forces.

MacMannus, Paul - bookseller, printer, engraver, and founder of the MacMannus encyclopaedia, a project that began as a hobby and grew to an obsession. At the time of his death in 1788, MacMannus had written an astounding 53,770 entries in only eleven years, the majority of which appear unrevised in contemporary editions.

Oatmeal Mother - seditionist, feminist, rabble-rouser: thought to be in close association with Sister Pulcheria and her Vivid Suffragette Unions.

Sister Pulcheria - mysterious figure who added dye concentrations to water sources, inadvertently ushering in the first Flowage Rebellion; some scholars hold that Pulcheria was not an historical individual but rather a small group of individuals perpetuating acts of dissent and philosophy under the name "Sister Pulcheria." (see "Oatmeal Mother"). Attributed author of 400 page unbound account, "Living the Water Underground."

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